Saturday, November 6

{oh, hi...}

"it's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice."

i try to practice this in my own life.  the people who become my friends always end up being the nicest, most outgoing, fun people.  and i really have never had time for people that are not nice.

er... has it really been a month since i last blogged?  i feel like i've had a dozen blog posts in my head but i guess i haven't been so successful getting them into print.  well, happy to be back anyway and I really will post those Paris pictures soon... i blame it on the troublesome blogger photo editor!

Monday, October 4


At the beginning of September we took a family vacation to Israel and Paris.  We are slowly getting back into our routine with school and work, so I am finally able to post a few pics!

Israel is not as strange and foreign as you might think.  This photo of a street in Tel Aviv below could just as well have been taken here in South Florida!

In Tel Aviv there is quite a contrast between old and new as seen in the photo below of my hotel and the building across the street.  I'll let you guess which one was my hotel...

But then every once in a while you get a reminder that you are, in fact, in Israel!!!

We toured Jerusalem and saw many of the historical religious sites.  Below we were able to touch the Unction stone (the stone on which Jesus' body was prepared for burial) which is inside the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.
A painting on the wall of the church depicting the Unction stone:

We also attended the wedding of my husband's niece while in Israel.  The ceremony and reception were held in a beautiful cave-like rock formation on a kibbutz.  There was also a sit-down dinner before the ceremony and reception on a lovely grassy area adjacent to the rock.  The music that the DJ played was not so foreign after all... here is the very first song played:

Up next... Paris!

Sunday, August 22

{I love quilting...}

Do you love this Chanel Grand Shopper handbag ...
but simply cannot justify the price?

Well, Stuart Weitzman has the "Lotto bag" coming out this Fall which has the same aesthetic sensibility of the Chanel beauty without the price tag. This bag features quilted nappa leather with chain handles. It even features the comfy leather inserts on the shoulder straps. You can find it here online.

SW Lotto bag

Friday, August 20

{Bond no 9}

Bond no. 9 has created a scent just for New Orleans!
I love the fleur de lis bottle.
The people of New Orleans are obsessed with the fleur de lis.  It is not just the symbol of The Saints.  It is the symbol of the city itself, and you will see fleur de lis everywhere if you visit NOLA.

The base notes are cinnamon and sandalwood while the top notes are tuberose, violet leaf, cassis and vanilla.  I am curious to try it, but this Bond no. 9 scent is only sold at the Saks Fifth Avenue in The Shops of Canal Place in New Orleans.

Thursday, August 12


 I am finally getting around to posting a few pics from our vacation to California in July.  It was an all-around perfect vacation!  The weather was gorgeous with temperatures in the 60's and 70's which was a welcome change for us.  This was Lil P's first trip to California so of course we spent some time in Hollywood and Beverly Hills just having fun and taking in the sights!

Me, Lil P's cousin, and Lil P all wearing our movie star shades!

We had to do a little shopping here!

We found our favorite old movie stars' hand and foot prints on Hollywood Boulevard.  They were so much more interesting to look at than the stars on the walk of fame.

Here I am posing with Johnny Depp at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum.  The figures are incredibly realistic all the way down to exact height and even razor stubble on his chin here.  I have to say that the most stunning figure was Angelina Jolie.  I didn't take a photo of her wax figure because I still don't like her--haha!

We took one of those tours of Hollywood which included stopping and ogling lots of Celebrity homes...hee hee.  It was actually lots of fun!  I think this was Madonna's house:

I had to stop at the original Shabby Chic in Santa Monica.

We had an outdoor wedding to attend in Malibu which was quite lovely and scenic.

Monday, July 26

{Lilly Pulitzer for sale}

I am offering this NWT Lilly Pulitzer Twyla tunic dress for sale.  It is a Ladies size Small.  The retail price is $278 and I am asking $170.  Material is a silk/cotton jersey blend and it may be hand washed in cold water or dry cleaned.
I accept payment through Paypal.  Please e-mail me at if interested.

Here is the same style Twyla dress modeled in a different print:

Saturday, July 24

{Anthro Clinton trench}

I just ordered this trench for an upcoming trip to France and Israel.  I know that I will freeze in Paris and am wondering if this will even keep me warm enough.  (My body has acclimated to subtropical temperatures and anything below 70 degrees is cold to me.)
But it is just so perfect for Paris, n'est ce pas?!  I couldn't resist!   

Do you have any good Paris hotel or restaurant recommendations?  I'd like to try some new places this time!

Sunday, July 18

{beach vacation 2010}

Wow, I have a lot of catching up to do!
I took the summer off of work to spend more time with Little Petunia and the new puppy.  We went on our annual beach vacation with my family and had a terrific time.  We were so happy to see that no oil had washed up onto this particular area of the Gulf.  The Santa Rosa Beach and Dune Allen Beach areas were as pretty as ever with just the usual June seaweed in the water.
The beach was beautiful.

Two of my sisters walking on the beach with Lil P -- it's so nice to be able to take a walk in the evening with no mosquitoes!

Hubby and I took a long drive down 30A and had a lunch date at George's in Alys Beach.  The food there was amazing!  I think this is my new favorite beach vacay restaurant.

Monday, June 7


Okay, so I stole this widget from Madeline's blog!  It is so sad and frustrating.
Our Summer vacation is coming up.  We plan it a year in advance and it is so nice to spend an entire week at a little beach near the Destin area with my family from New Orleans.  Now we are all anxiously watching the reports to see if oil will wash up in the panhandle any day.  As my sister says...tick tock...

Monday, May 24

{behind the scenes of SATC II--Carrie's closet}

I couldn't wait for the movie to be released to see what Carrie's closet would look like! We knew it was fabulous after the unveiling in SATC part I, looks like there have been some changes to the fabulous closet in Carrie and Mr Big's apartment on the upper East side.

It looks like it is now Carrie AND Big's closet!

But of course Carrie's stuff is spilling over a little...

Looks like she took over an entire cubby of his here...

Her wardrobe looks a bit more sophisticated...

And the piece de la resistance...

the incredible shoe cabinets!
all photos from

Friday, May 21

{Gucci half price sale}

I have decided to sell this Gucci horsebit hobo handbag which I purchased last year from the Gucci boutique in Palm Beach Gardens. It is in beautiful condition and was only used occasionally.
  • tan/brown GG fabric with brown leather trim
  • brass hardware
  • magnetic top closure
  • inside large zip pocket and cell phone pocket
  • measurements: 11" high x 14" wide with an additional 7.5" handle drop
  • includes controllato card and original receipt
  • in pristine condition except for a very small worn area on the back near the bottom (3rd photo)
  • paid retail price of $1495 + tax
  • asking $750 -- please e-mail me at to purchase with Paypal or to ask any questions!

Tuesday, May 18


When I grow up I want to be Georgina Chapman!
As cofounder of the fashion line Marchesa she dresses many Oscar nominees as well as socialites, but I think she may be her own best model. She is always perfectly turned out.
Hmmmm....also makes me want to dye my hair dark brunette again!

Wednesday, May 12

{someone is obsessed with the hills}

Over the past couple of weeks I am afraid that Phoebe has become obsessed, obsessed I tell you, with the reality tv show The Hills!
It all started recently when MTV played every episode back to back starting from season 1. Phoebe was shocked to see how Heidi has changed--she was so young and sweet in the first season. Now she is making me show her every episode starting from Season 1 Episode 1 which she views at .

Phoebe was amazed at the change in Heidi in later seasons--but thinks that she did look pretty.
Well, ...until season 6. Phoebe thinks she should have stopped while she was still ahead.

But, anywhoo....let's discuss Heidi's handbag collection! These are just a few of the Hermes that she has been spotted carrying! I love her choice of size--wonder if the Birkins are the 28 or the 32 cm?
this off-white Birkin is tdf!

Tuesday, May 11

{fleur de lis}

Brooks Brothers
a Fleur de Lis dress!
Who dat!
I need dat!