Tuesday, April 27

{what's in my shower}

Right now I am loving L'Oreal's Skin Genesis Pore Minimizing gel cleanser which I alternate with my Purpose gel cleanser--(best cleanser ever).  I like my daily facial cleanser to be mild (not harsh)--it keeps the wrinkles at bay.  ;)
Also, you can see my favorite Sweet Pea scented Suave gel body wash--no soap allowed in my house (hate soap scum)!
Then there is the Bed Head shampoo and conditioner (no comments from the peanut gallery about the name haha!).  Right now I am alternating these with my Matrix Biolage shampoo and conditioner.  An extremely convenient feature of these huge Bed Head bottles is the pump dispensers.  Love that because it is so easy in the shower!

Saturday, April 10

{J. Crew Fall 2010 collection}

The theme of this collection is reportedly "Grey Gardens" or "Edie Beale goes to Girl Scout Camp"! Wow, we're not in Kansas any more--that's for sure. Remember when J. Crew used to be preppy? Embroidered whales and stuff??
Will you be shopping at J Crew in the Fall?