Sunday, December 21

Happy Holidays!

(Me at 3 years old--already obsessed with electronics!)

Wishing all of you a holiday season filled with happiness!
We will soon be headed to New Orleans to spend the holidays with family and friends.  I will take lots of pics, and will post from NOLA if possible!!



Friday, December 19

Amazing deal still available!

Several people are telling me that the $5 magazine subscriptions are still going through!  So, those of you who missed it may want to click on the link and see if it still accepts your order.  It's worth a try!!  :)

Monday, December 15

lil petunia's princess room

I am in no way finished--Lil Petunia's room is still a work in progress, but this is what I've accomplished so far.  I don't have the down comforter insert for the duvet cover yet, so just imagine that the bed looks fluffy!  Since I just painted the room, the walls are still bare.  It was not easy to find the right pink for the walls--not too bright or pepto-bismol.  I purchased 4 small cans of paint--I will purchase as many as I have to until I find the right color because it is worth it not to have to paint the entire room over if the color is wrong!  This one is just a muted barely there color that hopefully she won't get sick of very soon.   There will also be a dresser, nightstand, and window treatment.  
I am just happy that we finally decided on the theme for the room.  It is "princess with a (leopard) twist".  The inspiration was a bedroom that I had bookmarked in one of my issues of Southern Accents magazine.  The bedding is actually pink with white embroidered polka dots--see close-up below.  The bedskirt is like a ballerina's tutu--3 layers thick and extra long to the point that we had to put the bed up on risers.

Sunday, December 14

Amazing deal---LAST DAY!!

My FAVORITE magazines (Veranda, Town & Country, House Beautiful) sent me the most amazing deal via e-mail recently and today is the last day to subscribe.  I can't even take advantage of the offer because I already subscribe to all 3 and this offer is for new subscriptions only!  
There are several other magazines included in the offer and it is a one year subscription for ONLY $5.  FIVE DOLLARS!  Practically free!!  I paid three times as much for each.  The offer is transferable, so anyone may take advantage of it.
Here is the link to the sale page:

Happy Holidays!!!!

Friday, December 12


While hubby was out of the country this week I took a little staycation from work.  I completed my Christmas card project and mailed them all off.  I painted Lil P's room.  I discovered that the local library has music Cd's that one can rent (and copy into one's iTunes library!).  
Lil Petunia's school happens to be practically around the corner from Panera Bread and I stopped by every day after dropping her off in the morning.  I am now officially addicted to their Pecan Braid.  This pastry is so delicious--I have not tasted the likes of it in a very long time.  It is perfection, especially in the morning when it is so fresh.  I usually get the spinach/artichoke or the spinach/bacon egg souffle (also highly recommended!) when I visit PB for breakfast.  But the other day I decided to add a Pecan Braid to my order.  The following days of this week I haven't even bothered with the egg souffle.  Just give me a Pecan Braid.  Yum!  I may even go with Lil P tomorrow morning to get another one!!!

Thursday, December 11


No, not here in South Florida!!
My Mom and sister called me this morning to excitedly tell me that it was snowing in New Orleans!  This is very rare and only happens about one day every couple of years.  As you can see, everyone gathers all of the snow they can find to make snowmen!  We only wish it would have happened when we are going to be there in 2 weeks!  Lil Petunia loves snow and would have enjoyed this day.
I have been very busy painting Lil Petunia's room and doing other chores while hubby has been visiting his family in Israel this week.  I will post a pic when I get her room all finished!

photo collage courtesy of my sister Ali!  ;-)

Saturday, December 6

a fun time was had by all

The party last night was deemed a success.  We had expected about 30 people but figure that (from what we can remember) about 40 people showed up.  It's a good thing hubby went to Costco and bought an insane amount of alcohol.  I was laughing when he came home with this humongous bottle of Grey Goose--it had to have been 3 feet tall!  Well, it is now empty as are several garbage cans of various bottles of rum, whiskey, champagne, wine, and beer.  Yikes!  
I had just bought a new iPod speaker system dock for the party and spent several hours last weekend preparing the perfect party mix.  Well, there were so many people and it was so noisy that for most of the party I could hardly hear the music even though it was blasting!  Most people stayed from 7pm until midnight.  Thank goodness the caterer had enough food!  My table decorations were pretty much nixed in order to make room for all of the food.  Oh, well!  It turned out to be a fun evening even though it was my birthday!
We will go out to one of my favorite restaurants tonight to have our own private celebration.  :)

Friday, December 5

{the details}

Well, I survived the committee meeting!  Everyone was nice and there wasn't much time for chit chat as there were a lot of things to discuss regarding the upcoming charity luncheon.  The name of the luncheon/fundraiser is "It's A Bling Thing".  Isn't that cute??  We brought up that maybe $300 is too much to ask people to pay for a luncheon......ya thinkk???!!  Um, yes!  I am embarrassed to even invite anyone with that price tag!  They agreed that we could probably lower it to $250, but going lower than that would be impossible due to the cost of the luncheon itself which is being held at Mar-A-Lago (Donald Trump's home and private club).  And Candace Bushnell is our guest speaker, and I peeked at her is $30,000!!!!!  Everyone start writing your books NOW!!  Anyway, I think $200 would be reasonable in these tough economic times, because even after people come in THEN we are asking them to bid on auction items.
The outfit (I stuck to my guns, & yes there were women there in beaded Manolos.  I think ONE other lady wore jeans!  hee hee):

I love this jacket:

Tonight is the office Holiday party which is being held at MY house!  On MY birthday!  Oh, well!  My wreaths turned out nicely although I think I could have even ordered the larger size.  This is the 24" size.:

Have a great weekend!  Anyone else going to Holiday/Christmas parties yet???

Wednesday, December 3

Hello friends, I am still here!  There has been a lot going on lately!  Right now I am trying to figure out what the proper outfit is for a 9am charity committee meeting tomorrow morning.  Unless I am at work, I usually would not be caught dead dressed in anything other than jammies at 9am.  Charity committee-types seem to like to dress up, even though the meeting is only breakfast at the Chairwoman's home.  I suppose I would look a bit odd if I showed up in my robe and fuzzy slippers???   Hmmm.....I just don't think I have 9am clothing in my closet!  No Juicy tracksuits here!!!  (blech)
I want to wear jeans.  Jeans with a cute jacket and pair of shoes.  But, the last time I dressed down for a meeting was a couple of years ago with this little group of young ladies that were starting a "Mommy's Club".  There were about 6 of us with babies.  I dressed casually for the breakfast meeting/get-together.  The other Mommies had on heels, and black pants, with their hair done, and diamonds, and pearl necklaces!!  They were a little fake and snobby (I thought), and I soon was disinvited to the Mommy group!!  Well, they just changed the get-together day.  The only days I couldn't meet were Tuesdays & Wednesdays----so they changed the meeting day from Fridays to Wednesdays!  Ha!  What can I say--they were not my type anyway!  The girl who started the Mommy group was the new wife of a surgeon I work with.  They divorced a few years later.  At that time I wanted to tell him "I could have told you she wasn't very nice!!!"  hee hee!
  I hope the meeting tomorrow goes a little better.  The chairwoman is a nice lady.  Palm Beachers.  We'll see!  I'll let you know how it goes.  
   There has been a lot of other stuff going on lately, also.  I'll fill you in on that later.  We are fine, but it seems that every one of my friends is in some kind of serious crisis at the moment.  :(

Monday, December 1

I have been so excited to have a little cool weather (anything below 70 degrees!) so I can enjoy my new Milly jacket!  Yay!