Thursday, December 11


No, not here in South Florida!!
My Mom and sister called me this morning to excitedly tell me that it was snowing in New Orleans!  This is very rare and only happens about one day every couple of years.  As you can see, everyone gathers all of the snow they can find to make snowmen!  We only wish it would have happened when we are going to be there in 2 weeks!  Lil Petunia loves snow and would have enjoyed this day.
I have been very busy painting Lil Petunia's room and doing other chores while hubby has been visiting his family in Israel this week.  I will post a pic when I get her room all finished!

photo collage courtesy of my sister Ali!  ;-)


Heather said...

What fun for them to have snow! Like you said, it is too bad it did not happen when you were there. Good luck with the painting!

With Love from New Orleans said...

haha SO TRUE! We had about 50 snowmen all over campus yesterday... I wish that Chicago snowman had worked... oh well there is always next year!
Geaux Saints!

Ps... all the news stations had
"Breaking NEWS Sneaux in New Orleans"

Preppy 101 said...

You'll have to post pics when you finish your painting :)

Madeline said...

OMGosh...where did she get all those snowman pics???!!! We counted 12 on the drive home from Kevin's school yesterday. It was hard to concentrate on the road while playing "who can find the next snowman"! LOL! See my blog for a pitiful attempt at one. In hindsight I could have rolled a big one in the lot across the street from us. (I didn't want to mess up our pretty white yard.)

AJD said...

I got all of the "It's snowing here!" calls too! So sad I wasn't home for the big event. Thank goodness for cameras!

Muffy said...


Jaina said...

How neat. It snowed at my parents house the other day...ALLLLLL day! I was so bitter to not be home. My brothers had a ball though.