Friday, December 25

{Merry Christmas!}

I would like to wish all of my blog and Twitter friends a Merry Christmas!

I hope that all of you have a joyous holiday surrounded by those you love. We are quite excited because for the first time in several years we'll have almost the entire family together on Christmas day--there will be 26 of us including Mom, Dad, my sisters, brother, their spouses, and all 14 grandchildren! It will be such a fun day for the kids.

May peace, love, and happiness be with all of you this holiday season!

Friday, December 18

{a few of our favorite things}

Sparkly shoes (here are Lil P's which she is loving--yay, a pair of shoes that is actually getting worn out before she outgrows them!):

The Snuggie. Yep, I have one--no comments from the peanut gallery! It's lighter than a blanket, but comfy and just warm enough. We also have a Snuggie thief--I think I might never get mine back...:

J Crew Pixie pants. So stretchy and comfy--anyone can wear them under a tunic or sweater.:

Tuesday, December 15

{Tory Burch flats}

I love all of my TB flats, and my newest pair are no exception! Introducing the TB Lissie in Anthracite crackled leather--I like them because they are somewhat neutral but have that extra oomph of sparkle. I will wear them throughout the holidays and beyond! They are different from TB Revas in that the sole is made of leather instead of rubber, the upper is a very pretty crackled leather, and the logo medallion on the toe is encrusted with crystals.
Before I found the Reva I had the hardest time finding comfortable flats that were stylish as well. Thank goodness for them. The gathered elastic banding behind the heel may seem like it would be uncomfortable but it is quite the opposite. Flats look especially cute with the cropped pants and skinny jeans that are everywhere these days, so do give them a try if you don't already have a pair (or ten).

And if you haven't been following me on Twitter, then [you're missing a lot!] and you probably missed seeing the cutest pair of new Revas below which were a surprise birthday gift to me from my wonderful Atlanta meet-up blogger/twitter friends that I blogged about in THIS post! I LOVE them (my shoes and my friends)!

Monday, December 7

{Lilly Pulitzer Resort 2009}

I tried on a few of the new pieces from Resort 2009. (And Lil P tried her best to squeeze into each picture!) My iPhone does not represent colors accurately--especially pinks. For some reason it always turns pink into orangey-red. Sorry!
I need a cover-up & was thinking maybe one of these...
The Quinn caftan cover-up:
The Sherman tunic dress:
I am posting a pic of this for my friend Cyndy in New Zealand--a fellow Lilly lover.
The Roslyn skirt. This hit me right above the knee just like past season's Simple skirt:

Monday, November 30

{conspiracy theory}

I think Demi looks amazing on the new cover of W magazine. At least that is what I thought until I found out that there is a huge controversy over whether she was photoshopped, and some are questioning whether it is even Demi's body at all. Why in the world do magazines do this to women? It makes me so mad.
Here is the model next to Demi's cover. Their bodies do look eeerily similar, but I am sure that Demi's body is in pretty awesome shape as well.

I think Demi is beautiful and it is a shame that she can't grace the cover as is without being altered. There is now even a term for it--they are saying she was Ralph-Lauren'd! Ugh!!

Lots of companies make their fortunes by keeping women afraid to look old. Imagine just for a minute...if W regularly put women on the cover who had a few wrinkles (or a zit or two). Haha! Their many cosmetics company sponsors would NOT be very happy that they were seemingly making it seem okay---or worse even---stylish--- to have these flaws. Who would continue to buy their $300 creams and serums if this happened?
I think it's a conspiracy!
The anti-wrinkle cream--it's a multi-million dollar industry in this country & the world over.
People ask me what skin care I use for my face, and I have tried many different kinds. My Twitter friends will remember when I first tried Creme de la Mer a month or so ago. It smelled so awful to me to the point that I wasn't sure I would be able to fall asleep. No problem there, because 15 minutes later my entire face and neck started itching so badly that I had to run to the bathroom and wash it off of my skin! I do love to try a new product, but it seems that I always go back to my good old standbys because I have yet to find a single product that does what it claims to do. Then again, maybe I'd look a lot worse if I weren't using them--haha.
I subscribe to Consumer Reports and found this article to be just what I've always wondered:

Consumer Reports’ (CR) first test of wrinkle creams finds that on average these products made little difference in the skin’s appearance and there’s no correlation between price and effectiveness. The luxury-priced skin-care offerings didn’t work any better than the drugstore brands in CR’sindependent, unbiased tests. Further, CR’s tests found no relationship between the types of active ingredients in the products and their overall performance.

Olay Regenerist, which is available in drugstores, was the top performer by a small margin. One of the less-costly products tested, Olay Regenerist, sells for about $19 apiece for the “enhancing lotion,” “perfecting cream,” and “regenerating serum” combination recommended by the company. Lancome Paris Renergie, $176, performed nearly as well. The most-costly product tested, La Prairie Cellular ($335 for an ounce of day cream and 1.7 ounces of night cream), was among the least effective. The wrinkle creams CR tested ranged in price from $38 to $335.

In CR’s tests, the top-rated products did smooth out some fine lines and wrinkles after 12 weeks. But even the best performers reduced the average depth of wrinkles by less than 10 percent, a magnitude of change that was barely visible to the naked eye.

That last line really gets me. BARELY VISIBLE TO THE NAKED EYE. So, in other words we are wasting our money?!
What do you think?

Friday, November 20

{eye candy}

These are just delicious! ::drool::

Snapped the current Tom's selection just for fun, too!

Monday, November 16

{the answer is...}

I think maybe some of you thought I was trying to trick you, but I wasn't! While the difference between the mascaras was subtle to the eye, I definitely have a favorite. The YSL was by far superior in terms of texture, thickening, ease of application, and to me it almost looked like I had more lashes.
The YSL is the mascara in the first photo on top. I am officially addicted!
By the way, Saks Fifth Avenue online and in stores is offering free deluxe samples of the Singulier mascara with any YSL purchase (& free shipping). My Saks was all out of samples, but Bloomingdales was happy to oblige.

Compliments of Yves Saint Laurent

Receive a sample of Yves Saint Laurent's new Mascara Singulier* with any Yves Saint Laurent beauty or fragrance purchase.
Just enter promotional code: YSL22 at checkout.
*ONLY ONE PER CUSTOMER. LIMIT OF TWO PROMO CODES PER ORDER. Offer valid at through Sunday, November 22, 2009 at 11:59pm(ET) or while supplies last. Please enter promo code YSL22 at checkout. Purchase must contain any Yves Saint Laurent beauty or fragrance product. No adjustments to prior purchases. This offer is not transferable. Valid on shipments to US addresses only. Not valid on international shipments.

Trying to decide what else to purchase? I love the YSL matte and radiant pressed powder, and the pretty gold case looks so elegant in the handbag. :)

Sunday, November 15

{mascara experiment}

Which is the $6 Maybelline Volum Express Mascara and which is the $30 YSL Singulier Mascara?? Both have one coat only.

  • ease of application: The YSL was much smoother. It just glides on, while the Maybelline catches and clumps and requires more strokes to smooth out the clumps.
  • Neither mascara flaked at all which was impressive.
  • ease of removal: Both mascaras remove easily with makeup remover.

Thursday, November 12


I am always looking for that perfect mascara.
I just purchased YSL's newly released Singulier and we shall see about this one.

I also came across this video which you may find interesting. I was surprised that the testers did not like Diorshow and rated it poorly. I wonder why??

Bottom line:

Top-rated was a department-store brand, Lancôme Définicils, $24.

But several other very good mascaras are sold in drugstores and supermarkets for just $7 to $9: Max Factor Lash Perfection Volume Couture, Maybelline Define-A-Lash Volume, Cover Girl VolumeExact, and L'Oréal Telescopic Clean Definition & Lengthening.

Friday, November 6

{blog & web design coupon!}

Jessica, the graphic designer from Front Porch Studio, has offered PIP readers a 20% discount off any blog or web design today through next Friday! If you have been thinking of updating your blog then now would be the perfect time. You may reach her by e-mail: and just mention code: Paradise.

Here are a few examples of her blog work:

Sunday, November 1

{Mignon Faget}

Mignon Faget is a jewelry designer based in her (and my) native city of New Orleans. Every New Orleans lady, so it is said, owns at least one piece of Mignon Faget jewelry. This adornment is as central to a lady's wardrobe in this city as a piece from Tiffany & Co. in New York.
Starting today, November 1st, MF is offering free shipping on all orders of $100 or more!
I fancy the "New Orleans" charm bracelet above with it's streetcar, red bean, crawfish, alligator, pelican, & Fleur de Lis charms. (The Fleur de Lis is an official symbol of the state of Louisiana. Following Hurricane Katrina it has also been used as a symbol of grassroots support for New Orleans' recovery.)
Below are some of her other popular items, most offered in sterling silver or 14k gold.
Fleur de Lis pendant:

Moonsnail Cuff:

Garden Snail ring:
Moonsnail earrings:

Hot Pepper charm bracelet:

Medium Bow ring:
Fleur de Lis tumblers:
By the way--if you are planning a trip to NOLA in the near future *ahem* be sure to find the boutique nearest you. A trinket from Mignon Faget makes a fabulous souvenir of your trip!