Sunday, October 30

{pics from NYNY}

Thought I'd share some other photos from our trip last weekend (other than the bedbug pics!).

the view from our hotel room

Little P and I told Hubs that we must stop by the new Laduree on Madison Avenue.  They had a Halloween-themed window display and yes, those orange macarons were delicious.  I found a new favorite, though, blackcurrant violet--amazing!

When we were in line waiting to enter Laduree Carl Bernstein happened to be walking by and he stopped to ask me what we were in line for.  He got quite a chuckle out of the fact that dozens of people were waiting outside just to purchase some macarons.  Obviously he's never had a Laduree macaron.

Little P and I outside the Gershwin theater before seeing Wicked.  All four of us really enjoyed it!

After the performance we walked over to Magnolia Bakery where picked up these treats and took them over to Rockefeller Center to watch the ice skaters.

Tuesday, October 25

{bedbugs in New York City?....eeeeek!}

We just returned from a quick jaunt to New York City. We had a fabulous time visiting with friends, taking little Petunia to see Wicked on Broadway, eating some amazing food..... until I woke up after the first night with bites all over my right arm!  Gross......I know!  Do not be fooled into thinking that the bedbug epidemic in New York City is a thing of the past.  I have now found several online reports filed this year (some as recently as earlier this month) which took place at our hotel, the Millenium Hilton on Church Street.  To be honest I can't find a NYC hotel that doesn't have any bedbug reports.  It didn't occur to me until we were already on our way home that the bites popping up all over my arm could be from bedbugs.  They did not actually become horribly itchy until about 24 hours later so I didn't speak to anyone at the hotel while we were there.  These are definitely not mosquito bites--I know what those look like.  These are different and no prescription or cortisone cream will stop the itching.  I have tried to contact a Millenium Hilton hotel manager by phone and no one will speak to me.  I even left a voicemail for the manager prefaced with "Hello, I am not trying to obtain a refund. I simply wish to speak with a manager so that no one else gets bitten..." and so far no one from the hotel has returned my call.
To be clear--at the time I did not think to search for nor did I happen to see any actual bedbugs in our room, but I just cannot figure out what else this could be.  I have never had an experience like this before in all of my travels.  During our return I started to worry that we might bring bedbugs home with us, so I immediately washed all of our clothing in hot water and then threw away some non-washables AND my suitcase which had been on the floor next to my bed.

I would be hesitant to visit NYC again after this.  I would surely have a nervous breakdown if my home became infested with bedbugs!

Thursday, October 6

{a home tour}

Blue has been my favorite color for a long time.  Blue and white is a classic combination for home decor which never seems to go out of style.  Below I'm sharing with you a local model home that was decorated entirely in blue and white (and sand beige).  I particularly like the dining room (does anyone know where I can find that table?), the formal living room, and the family room with the beachy blue & white striped rug.

dining room--love the use of ikat fabric on the chairs

formal living room

master bath

master bedroom


family room

another bedroom

courtyard pool


Saturday, October 1

{a day made of glass}

This glimpse into the future is quite impressive.
I think I need some of these innovations in my life right now (especially the auto-dimming windows in the very beginning)!