Thursday, June 25

just stopping in to say "Hi" & "Thank you"

The Petunia family has been on vacation, but we're winding down the fun and getting ready to get back to reality!  Well, actually Mr Petunia has already left (work, work, work, yes it is hard for him to relax for more than a few days....he gets anxious to get back to his patients!).  The girls will be home soon and my sister L is coming home with us for a few days!

Anyway, I just had to post a huge Thank You!!! to Miss BLC over at The Company She Keeps .  I was the winner of her 200th post giveaway of a beautiful Lilly Pulitzer 50th Anniversary Jubilee scarf!  How exciting!  Believe it or not, this will be my first Lilly scarf--yay!
If you have never checked out her cute blog, well then you simply must!  She is having another giveaway by Stella & Dot in July, too!!  Thank you BLC!

Friday, June 19

{J Crew SUMMER jewelry release!}

Okay...."Summer"...that sounds better now!  Evidently these are in the new J Crew Summer catalog (not Fall).
When I saw them in the display case, I thought it was ONE necklace.  And I loved it.  Haha.
Here they are separated--
The tiered crystal libretto necklace:
The crystal symphony necklace:

I tried to photograph how stunning this necklace is IRL, but the camera would not quite cooperate.  It is mesmerizing:

I have no idea where I will be wearing these beauties, but I guess I'll be very sparkly wherever I go!  And it is always nice to feel like a princess, no??   ;-)
Scattered glass necklace worn doubled on a mannequin:

Wednesday, June 17

{Bloomies, you disappoint me}

As I pulled up to the house this afternoon--I saw this bag leaning against the door and thought to myself  "I don't remember ordering anything from The Gap..."
When I went to pick it up I was pretty horrified.  This is my new leather Tory Burch handbag that I had pre-ordered from Bloomingdale's and was eagerly awaiting?!  Blech!  Stuffed into a too-small thin plastic bag--are you kidding me, Bloomies?  No box?
Not only was it stuffed and mangled into this bag, but it was taped up way crazy!  And holes all over.

Well, I'm sorry Tory, but your crumpled bunch of scratched leather is going back.  I am totally turned off now.

Monday, June 15

{gold Bonannos}

My Platinum Bonannos have been so well-loved--I needed a new pair and this time went for gold instead. These shoes are so comfy--THAT'S why I have such problems finding new shoes! My feet have been spoiled from the Bonannos!

Nail Polish - OPI's My Chihuahua Bites

Saturday, June 13

{spotted: J Crew Fall jewelry}

Yesterday I ran over to J Crew to return the shoes that fit so poorly, and what did I spy??  Well, one of my first places to browse is the jewelry display case (I think it is more interesting because it is under lock and key and seems so inaccessible!!).  Well, there were 4 brand new pieces that were very Fall/Winter-looking and very sparkly!  In my excitement I forgot to discreetly pull out my phone and snap a picture, but I can point out which items they were.
NOTE:  The clothing seen here is not out yet--I am only posting these Fall preview pics to show which jewelry pieces I saw in the store.  :)
The first item that immediately caught my eye was what I thought was one extremely blingy necklace (but turned out to be 2 necklaces laid one inside the other).
One was the rectangular crystal necklace with the black ribbon on the right mannequin.  Loved it!:

And next to it was this round double row crystal necklace with black ribbon on the right mannequin:
There was also a rectangular crystal bracelet to match the first necklace above, but it was huge.  It must have been 7.5 or 8 inches because it could slide off of my wrist.  Boo-hoo.

Then there was a vintage-inspired bracelet that exactly matches the necklace on this mannequin below.  It had black and smoky-clear crystals and little brownish bows scattered all around.  This one also ran very large and neither could be adjusted.:

It was so surprising to see these already released!

Friday, June 12

{friday i'm in love}

Thanks to everyone for all of the kind comments on my last post.  We have such a nice association of ladies and gentlemen here!  :)
happy friday and enjoy your weekend!!!

Wednesday, June 10

{things that make you go hmmm}

I just discovered Angie's Blog Bring The Rain today via Danielle at Well, That's Just Fabulous.  Wow.  First off, I think of myself as being more "spiritual" than overly religious, and my motto has always been "treat others as you would have them treat you".
Religious undertones notwithstanding, Angie's post HERE was a great read.  In fact I loved it.  If you would only read one paragraph--read this:
"I have noticed a sad theme in many parts of the blog world, and it is disheartening to see people scrutinizing each other. Tearing down the good and building up the worst, endlessly searching for the thing that will make another person hurt.  It's always the ones that are the most wounded who come searching, and what they find are others that are vulnerable. They all gather around and try to ignite a fire where God is at work."
  If you want to get thousands of followers and hundreds of comments on one post (if that is your thing), then follow her lead.  Or her technique.  Whatever you call it.  Get this--instead of a post bashing something or someone--she writes about how to just be a better person.  And hundreds of people comment.  Wow!  Wouldn't the blog world be such a nice place if some people didn't feel it was cool to write mean or snarky posts just to get lots of comments?  I think so.   :)
I, too, have noticed a sad trend in the blog world as of late.  Negative posts and negative comments.  No, someone writing a post and publishing it on their blog is not "asking" for other people's mean comments.  A blog is someone's personal space--their virtual home--on the web.  I would not visit someone at their home and then insult them.  So, why leave a negative comment? I don't get it.  I'm not saying that all comments have to be in agreement with the post.  If someone posts an outfit and asks what people honestly think about it, then I think it is okay to say "I think it doesn't do your figure justice", or something like that if that is your opinion.  I'm not writing this because of anything that has been written or commented on here on my own blog, but I have seen it on others' blogs lately and it makes me feel....well, icky.
Oh, and while I'm venting---wanna know what irks me?  People who judge other people.  Like people who come over and have never read my blog before and immediately assume that they know what I am all about.  Well, anyway it happened on a friend's blog today and the commenter said this (and more nonsense) about basically all of our blogs:
" It’s a world of entitlement and superficiality that is not to be believed. Bye, and thanks for the strange enlightenment."

Umm, no actually, strange commenter--you don't know our world--my world--at all.  I work hard and I play hard.  Once a long time ago when I started this blog I had a commenter tell me that I needed to get a life and maybe I should visit India so that I could help other people besides myself.  This comment literally cracked me up.  Hello???  I am a nurse--I help people all day long!  My entire life and my husband's entire life revolves around caring for sick people with our home and cell phones ringing 24/7, and one of us getting up in the middle of the night because we are on call for surgery!  Now, who looked like the moron after this comment?  Me or the person who took time out of their miserable day to come over and leave a derogatory comment on a stranger's blog?   This blog is about the fun part of my life--the not-so-serious part.  And I'm not changing it.  
In my picture search I happened upon these t-shirts below and I think they're hysterical!

Monday, June 8

{think pink monday}

How cute is this Louis Vuitton hot pink wallet???

Saturday, June 6

{J Crew shoe review & more}

Surprisingly very very comfortable!  Unfortunately, the toe is shaped into a point, so there was way too much room in front of my toes.  With open sandals it is nice when the toe is more rounded to the natural shape of the foot.  Sadly these will be going back.  They are overpriced at $198, but all J Crew shoes with their leather-upper/manmade sole construction are overpriced in my opinion.  This is the Tan Rose color which is a neutral light beige color that will darken over time due to the vachetta leather.  It looks slightly darker on the models in the catalog.

I had high hopes for these and they let me down.  The entire toe/foot area is SO SKINNY that this is as far as I could shove my foot (and I am squeezing my foot forward in this picture) into the sandal.  If your foot is as flat as cardboard then these will fit you fine!  Way too much room in front of the toes again.  Man made sole for $150.  On the positive side--I love the color of the leather!

And on an unrelated note,

Fit is loose--you must go down a size in these unless you want that loose saggy boyfriend look.  They arrive already cuffed and the cuff unrolls to just below the ankle on me.  These are the cutest distressed jeans I've seen yet.  They are not overly distressed, so when the ripped-up trend is over these will still be cute!

Friday, June 5

{Disney fun}

Lil Petunia and I have returned from our girls' trip to Disney!  Yes, we went away and lunched with princesses in all of our pink glory while Mr Petunia was here working away.  (Don't worry-he didn't mind!)
Our room at the Grand Floridian was quite nice and they upgraded our view so we were facing Cinderella's Castle.  Yay! :

The grounds:

Our balcony:

The princesses were just SO cute this time--I have to show you.
Snow White:
We didn't see much Lilly in Epcot.  Oh, well!
Viking helmet fun in Norway:

Monday, June 1

{New Moon!}

The official trailer is out!