Saturday, January 2

{J Crew New Arrivals}

Happy New Year to all of my bloggy friends! May all of your dreams come true in 2010!

Until I have time to write up a vacation recap blog post, I'll try to entertain you with a few pics that I snapped of the J. Crew new arrivals. I came home from vacation empty-handed--yes, I bought nothing. This is a good thing because I am not looking forward to receiving my credit card bill for the month of December!
At the J Crew in Metairie, Louisiana they had a couple of cute looks on the mannequins:
As usual I fall for the cardigans every time...(don't see this one online yet).

Another cute ensemble (close-up to show detail on the tee):

to show detail on the sweater--which really looks warm and snuggly:

tried on the tee from above to see how it fit:

They brought back the ruffle vee neck top which I kinda liked. This was an ice blue color which I don't see online:

This dress is cute, and it looks like we'll be seeing more grey again this year:

The Ruthie ruffle shell in bright coral--I love this color (but don't need another ruffled sleeveless top):


Anonymous said...

Cute stuff! We don't have a store locally, so I just have order online. It's hard to tell what Stuff looks like irl. I always enjoy the ruffly stuff from j crew, now if they can lower the shipping fees and improve customer service I would be set!

Pamela said...

I think that cardigan would be a perfect item to transition into spring with. Whenever that may be!!!! and no matter how many ruffley rossette type tees I have, I always end up finding room for one more!

dinagideon said...

I saw the same items here at our local.

I tried on the rosette tee and the dress, too.

I love the J. Crew in Metairie! My husband's family is from SW MS, and we always spend time in NO when we are there...such a great area and the sweetest folks!

Your daughter smiling in the one pic is too cute. :) What a great thing to do together!!!

mrs.anketell said...

ohhhh, thanks for this post:) love that ruffle cardigan!! Must find out what item that is....and what was thename of that cardigan? is that the"long beach cardigan"????

The Dishy Decorator said...

Cute stuff! I can't wait to see pics from your trip!

Cloggsy said...

I'm unfortunately so not impressed with their new arrivals? What is my problem?!!

Petunia said...

Mrs Anketell~~I don't see either cardigan online yet, but I'm sure they'll pop up soon.

Cloggsy~~I think know what the problem is! Everything is a rerun of last year's hugely popular rosettes and ruffles!! It would be nice to see some fresh ideas!

PoshMomma said...

Honestly, J Crew should give you a mad discount bc I have revisited them & made several key purchases thanks to your blog. I had sort of forgotten about J Crew for awhile, but your jewelry posts especially drew me back.

The ice blue looks really gorgeous on you & your daughter is just a doll in those pics.

midnight macaroons said...

I love the coral Ruthie ruffle shell. That's gorgeous. I love the jean jacket. I have the perfect top that would look great.

Little P. is so cute. I love that picture of her sitting in the chair beaming up at you. What an adorable smile.

I'm so happy that you are following me on twitter. Yay! We are heading over to Baton Rouge/Lafayette next week to visit my husband's relatives/friends. I'll be able to sit down and play with twitter more next week.


laceysiegel said...

I was told when I bought the cardigan in the second photo that it's retail only. It's the Shipley ($118 item # 24597) and I believe it only comes in the heather dusk that's pictured. Hope that helps.

laceysiegel said...

Btw, I forgot to say the pictures are fabulous. Thank you!

laceysiegel said...
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Jill said...

I love love love the cute shirts in this post! Thanks for sharing.

Happy 2010!

Tickled Pink And Green said...

Love how Lil P is laughing in the background!

thepreppyprincess said...

Welcome home, and thanks for posting the Crew pix, that cardigan does look snuggly, and super cute. But not nearly as cute as your Little Miss P, what a great shot of her!

mint juleps and magnolias said...

How adorable is Lil P in the background? Y'all are too cute!


Heather said...

The cardigan look so cozy. Happy New Year!