Saturday, February 21


I have been admiring these Ferrare frames for a couple of years & thought I'd share them with you.  They are the most beautiful picture frames that I have ever seen.  They are more stunning in person than even any L'Objet frame.  Each frame is made by hand using Swarovski crystals, semi-precious gems, and polished shells.
You must see them in person to appreciate all of the detail which extends all of the way around the thick crystal-encrusted sides of these beauties.  They are about an inch thick and very heavy.  Any one of these would make an incredible wedding present.  I think the one below is my favorite, and I would love to put my wedding photo in it.  The problem is that the largest size it comes in is 5x7 matted.  I suppose I could remove the mat and just put my 8x10 photo in there without a mat.  Indecision combined with sticker shock ($400 for the large 5x7 size!!!) has crippled me and prevented me from purchasing.  So I go in and drool over each and every one -- and then promtly leave.

My personal favorite, the Antoinette frame:

My other favorite--the incredible Katherine frame (you have to see this one!):

The matching Katherine lamp:

The fabulous and fun Linea frame:

The Susan frame:

The Ilona frame:

The Layla frame:


Gracie said...

Those are all so fabulous and shiny! It would be a crime to pick just one.

Patois said...

Those really are gorgeous. I can see why you'd be in love with them. The Layla one is my favorite. (Yes, you can force me to pick one.)

Jill said...

These are the prettiest frames I've ever seen. Wow!

Purple Flowers said...

I like your blog!

Pink Maple said...

Wow, these frames are incredible!