Friday, February 27

{favorite spring polish}

Soon it will be Spring and time to polish our little piggies with something cheery!  Here are my favorite nail polishes for this time of year:

Essie Dramatic Drachmas

Essie Forget-Me-Nots
(perfect with Lilly's hot pinks!)

Essie Castaway
(lovely with Lilly's lighter pinks)

Essie Limo-Scene
(for that clean sheer look)

...and new for Spring '09 is Chanel's Vendetta!  What do you think???
I love this color, but will look for a similar one by Essie or OPI (the best brands IMO).
Chanel polish is not my favorite--it chips!!!  Not worth the price to me!

It reminds me a bit of OPI's Eiffel For This Color:


Preppy 101 said...

I adore those pink shades!!

Happy Daily said...

You read my mind! I am going to try to get my "spring" mani/pedi today! I also love OPI's new south beach collection!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Kappa Prep said...

Castaway is my go to nail color! I wear it year round and never grow tires of it!

Lipstick said...

Love those colors! Very interesting that Chanel chips...

midnight macaroons said...

My little piglets are squealing for
the Essie Forget-Me-Nots pink. I have the perfect Cole Haan peep toe pumps for that color. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Love the top and middle ones especially! I think Chanel stays on really well in general, but haven't tried that particular colour. Lancome tends to stay on ages without getting chipped.

With Love from New Orleans said...

LOVE them all!

Danielle said...

I love eiffel for this color! I wore it all winter!