Saturday, April 4

{an ebay question...}

If there are any Macbook users out there who can help me--I would really appreciate it!
I've been buying/selling on ebay since 2004 and never had a problem until I bought my Macbook computer.  For some reason I cannot completely list an item for sale using my Mac.  It's the description area that does not work--I can't upload any HTML or my own pictures and it's driving me crazy!
I have to go upstairs and boot up the old dinosaur Dell computer every time I want to list an item and it is frustrating.  I called ebay and they said "Oh, yeah--some of our Mac users have a problem."  That was as much help as they were!  
I can't believe with all of the Mac users out there that ebay doesn't have compatible technology for listing items for sale!   The listing form comes up, but the description area is missing all of the toolbar such as centering, changing fonts, colors, and the html tab.

Are any of you able to sell using your own HTML on a Mac???    :(


Muffy said...

OH, I hope you can find some good advice. Muffy + Technology = bad situation. HAHA! GOOD LUCK!!!

lisagh said...

Try using a different browser... Firefox vs. Safari. I've had this problem as well with other sites (including Blogger) and often just using Firefox solves the problem.

Good luck!

Katie Lake said...

I was going to make the same suggestion as Lisagh. When I was in college the grades website was not safari compatable so I had to download firefox to get my grades.

Pretty in Pink said...

I have no trouble with my MAC but I also use firefox. Try downloading firefox instead of safari if you can.

Posey Ford said...

I agree with the ladies above. Safari is your problem. No problems ebaying w/Firefox. I've found that it loads much faster and it boasts to be more secure than Safari. Good luck!

Petunia said...

Thanks everyone!!!
I will try to download Firefox and hopefully that will do the trick!

Jaina said...

Looks like I'm late to the party, I'm so behind in my Reader. Sounds like they've steered you in the right direction, definitely sounds like a Browser issue. Good luck! Let me know if that doesn't work for you.