Saturday, August 15

{What is your ringtone??}

I have so many favorite songs. I rotate through them and make my own ringtones with the Garageband App on my MacBook. Anyway, I just made a new one and the song didn't translate well into a ringtone. It is annoying every time my phone rings even though I like the song. So, I would really like some suggestions for a new tune. What are your current or past favorite ringtones?? Some of my past ringtones are:

Brown-eyed Girl--Van Morrison version

You Can't Always Get What You Want -- Rolling Stones

How Sweet It Is--James Taylor

Beautiful Soul--Jesse McCartney

And during the holidays my ringtone is ALWAYS "Santa Baby"!!! ;-)

Here is the video of the song I tried yesterday. This is from my post of the video last summer:

Have you seen this Madonna video with Mike Myers? Hysterical! He really makes me laugh. Maybe because Mike is so funny especially with Madonna doing her thing all over him. Or maybe I can't stop thinking that I really have to start working out.

Madonna - beautiful Stranger '99


Anonymous said...

My past fav's are
Lean on me
stairway to heaven
anything Bob Seger
Southern Cross
Dusty Springfield {these boots are made for walking}
Life in the fast lane
Fleetwood Mac {don't stop}
.38 special {so caught up in you}

yeah, I have a thing for ringtones. Can't wait to hear what you decide on! = )

Preppy 101 said...

I have different ones for different people. Sugar Pie, Honey by the Four Tops for my daughter, son, and daughter-in-law, Stop in the Name of Love for 2 of my besties that saw Diana Ross and the Supremes with me, UT fight song Rocky Top {Go Vols} for everyone else. I always use one of Mariah Carey's songs - All I Want for Christmas is You - at Christmas! Funny that you have posted about this - I was just thinking today about adding another ringtone! xoxo

Mslay said...

Right now I have "Hot fun in the summertime" by Sly and the Family stone.

Anonymous said...

I use boring already installed tones because I don't like music blasting out of my phone- but for halloween I turn on the 'This is Halloween' tune from Nightmare before Christmas and for Christmas I always choose a diff song each year- both for my callers and for me to hear :)

midnight macaroons said...

My ringtone right now is....

Stevie Ray Vaughan ~ Texas Flood

prior to that...

B.B. King ~ The Thrill is Gone

Petunia said...

Thanks ladies! I am still listening to songs and trying to pick one!!

Anonymous said...

For some weird reason ever since I had a phone I always set it to Vibration mode :-/

Kate said...

I try to have different ring tones for different people. For example, all my CA girlfriends are "California Girls." I have Mamma Mia for when my mom calls :) I still need to find a good one for my sisters!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

My new general ringtone is the Wicket Witch Theme from Wizard of Oz. It just seems to fit my attitude lately. Lorelai's special ring is Tiger Rag...Legare's is the Seseme Street theme because he LOVED that show when he was little and as an educator, people smile when they hear it. Finally, Hank's is You Can't Always Get What You Want. Not because he DOESN'T always get what he wants, but because of, you guessed it...our favorite movie...THE BIG CHILL!!!

CashmereLibrarian said...

My ringtone is Pure Prairie League's "Amie."
But it's getting a little annoying, so I think I'll need to move on soon!

Jaina said...

Beautiful Soul!!! I need to make some new ringtones soon.

thepreppyprincess said...

This is perfect Miss Petunia, we desperately in search of ringtones, and now we have a number of outstanding ideas!

Have a lovely week!

The Mrs. said...

Right now it's Nelly "Hot in Herre!" makes me laugh when the phone rings!