Friday, October 3

Silly Lilly

Some people are so silly! I love a sense of humor and whoever sent their picture in to Lilly Pulitzer here evidently has quite a good one. hee-hee!

Also, I recently saw this on Bloomingdale's website:

October 23, 2008 (on different dates at different Bloomies)
10:00am - 9:00pm
The New View on 2
Join us as we celebrate Lilly Pulitzer's 50th Anniversary with a trunk show of the Jubilee Collection. Lilly Pulitzer's Jubilee Collection will be a collection of limited-edition cut-to-order dresses, pants, tops and tunics, featuring new, yet vintage-inspired styles and new and elevated signature prints and colors. This merchandise will not be available off the rack. Prices start at $375 and each piece will be tagged with a special gold Jubilee tag. Orders can be placed during the proposed event, and orders are expected to be fulfilled for pick up on or after November 12, 2008. At the time of pick-up, customers will receive a special gift ~~ a signature Lilly Jubilee garment bag and a pair of McKim sandals.

Anyone rushing in this month to order their very own Lilly Pulitzer Jeep Wrangler??

There is this cute little shoe store near me (I have forgotten the name, but will come back and fill it in as soon as I think of it) and they sell these custom made Jack Rogers sandals made from Lilly fabric. (I took this pic a while ago, so the fabrics may have changed, but they still have some similar.) They are the cutest!! I am in general partial to my Stephen Bonannos, but just had to show you these!


preppy little dress said...

when you think of the store, be sure and post it! i am so in love with the pair in the front row that is green and white! too cute, you probably don't recall how much they were do you? great post!

Becs said...

Ding Dang Petunia, That is a funny picture. Did you check out the one right after? That suit is too much. I love the picture of the Petunia family all dressed up! How is the weather in FL? Best, Becs

Petunia said...

Ah, Becs! That pic is funny, too!! LOL! I can always count on a few laughs with those!

PLD ~~ I keep trying websites and can't find the right one! I'll just drive there tomorrow and maybe even take an updated picture of the current inventory!

Lipstick said...

Oh Petunia! That picture is priceless! I just LOL!

Anonymous said...

oh very cute....i want that jeep. how fun!

Landlocked Mermaid said...

Petunia I saw that pic!! and thought the same thing. I will share tomato sauce wtih you any time :). I am very excited about the Lilly paper set to come out in Jan. it will be the perfect post holiday pick up we will all need xo

Kappa Prep said...

I am going to the same trunk show, but on November 5th! I am super excited, but will have to see if I am will shell out that much for a piece of Lilly and order. If you think of the name of the shoe store please do email me. I just love those patterned JRs!

Marketing Gurl said...

What is hilarious is until I started blogging I never knew how much of a following Lilly had in fact, it was just a store I normally would see on vacation.

Jaina said...

Lol, I would laugh so hard if I actually saw someone driving that thing.