Wednesday, October 1

my last post (aka don't kill the messenger)

A couple of people asked me to publish that last post.  
I really don't care who other people vote for and am not trying to sway anyone one way or another.  It was just something I had that seemed interesting and people wanted to see it.


preppy little dress said...

it's your blog, feel free to post want!

i enjoy reading your blog.

oh, thanks again for posting the info. below.

Becs said...

HI Petunia, I think it was a great idea to post the information, I especially liked how you backed it up with the links.Well Done! Your high school or college professors have taught you well!(ha-ha)
Best, Becs

Ali said...

So well done. I HAD to send this link to my Gen Y kids(preceeded by the message "Read! Think!") They're smart, but young. I'm afraid they will be influenced by liberal college contacts, nice physical presentation, and smooth talk. Hmmm, I remember a certain mayor's well dressed, cool demeanor until he faced lady Katrina and became a bumbling idiot. But *frown* he was re-elected nevertheless. Ooohhh...we could be in big trouble.

Jill said...

I'm glad you posted the candidate comparison talking points. It was very interesting! I love reading other opinions. It's refreshing to see the opinions of real people, not the media or Hollywood.