Sunday, January 4

jasmine green tea

When I told Hubby last night about the delicious jasmine green tea that we had enjoyed at The Ritz last week--he went right over to the pantry and pulled out this big box of.....jasmine green tea!  He had discovered it last year and found that it can only be special-ordered from the website!  It was quite nice to snuggle up with a cup of my favorite tea to watch The Holiday with the family!
The website is and as you can see in the first pic--our tea is the Mountain Spring Jasmine (green tea).  It is no longer available on the website, which is having a 30% off  sale only through January 5, but I'm quite sure that the Organic Spring Jasmine (green tea) would have the same delicious taste.
our box of 100 tea bags

from the website


Pink Preppy Party Girl said...

This looks delicious and I will have to order some.

Belle in Bloom said...

I have something for you.

Pretty in Pink said...

I've always loved Mighty Leaf teas ... I swear they're better than other brands!

Heather said...

That is pretty funny that there was some in the panty all along.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this tea! It is one of the best green tea's ever! Not the cheapest - but oh so good.

Jaina said...

Sounds soooooo yummy!