Saturday, July 19

{bunny ears}

I spent much of yesterday getting lasered within an inch of my sanity. Hubby received a brand spanking new hair removal laser at his office and I am the official guinea pig test patient. My goal is to be as hairless as possible. Maybe this is TMI, but not having to shave ever again is high on my list of things to accomplish this year. This is my second treatment. After the first one, all of the hair fell out and I didn't have to shave for weeks! Woo Hoo! I am becoming more brave, so this time I let them laser more areas. Well, they started on the usual setting that they use on me which is the highest setting! "YEOOOOOW! Okay, something is very wrong!", I screamed. After much discussion I convinced them to turn the machine down to 5 and then it was totally tolerable. Almost completely painless, just like when they do my underarms and legs at the 10 setting. Evidently each area of the body has it's own tolerance level. For a minute there I was worried. If any of you have watched my favorite show that annoying show The Girls Next Door, then you know what a "fur bikini" is---and I don't want one!
Oh, by the way, note that in the 1st picture above the Bunny on the left is wearing Lilly Pulitzer!!!! SEE! Anything is possible!

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Mindi said...

got laser hair removal at a med spa last year for xmas and it was the best thing i ever did.

you will heart it, mucho!