Tuesday, July 29

it stinks being at home with the flu in the summer

Lil Petunia had to stay home from gymnastics camp today because she has a fever, aches, and stuffy nose. We are watching a Hillary Duff movie on Disney. Nothing exciting going on here.

Because i'm bored i'm posting one of my very very favorite videos and songs for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! (Don't forget to scroll down to the bottom of this page and pause the music first.)


L.A. Prep said...

hope she is feeling better,thanks for stopping by my blog!

Becs said...

I hope Lil'Petunia gets better soon! It is so sad when they are sick. Becs

Petunia said...

Thank you. She is still sick today. Waaaah! Thank goodness for the Disney channel.

Nautical said...
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Kate said...

oops left that last comment under my other account!

Just found your blog :)

I was listening to this on my itunes when I clicked on your blog! Great song and great movie