Sunday, July 27

{more decorating dilemmas}

Yes, look closely and you will see that those are 2 bare light bulbs sticking out from my bathroom mirror. That is what I use to brush my teeth and put my make-up on every day!

I am searching for sconces for my bathroom and just haven't made up my mind yet. I cannot have anything too modern, because the chandelier hanging in there is an antique crystal fixture. I basically have to find sconces that will match the chandelier. I've had this chandelier for quite a few years and have dragged it around with me installing and uninstalling it, now for the fourth time. I am thinking of getting some crystal sconces and possibly putting ivory silk shades on them, & then adding the same shades to the chandelier. How would this look? Hmmm.

I love this mirror and haven't found a place to hang it. It has been sitting on the floor for over 3 months since we moved.

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Mindi said...

are you sure that's your bathroom, and not a suite at the ritz carlton?? good grief, that's one beautiful bathroom!!

i love the art-decco mirror--hey, if it's worked on the floor for 3 months, no use changing it.....