Wednesday, July 30

See Mom & Dad -- it really wasn't my fault...

The Princeton Review has published its yearly list of the top party schools in the country. The test prep company has released the results of its "pseudo-scientific" survey of 120,000 students at schools around the country, which asked questions about the amount of drug and alcohol use on campus, as well as the schools' attempts to combat binge drinking. The result: The University of Florida in Gainesville seems to be the top place to go if you want to spend four years in college and remember none of it afterward.
I did not attend UF, but my university just squeezed by into the top 20, which does not surprise me in the least. I was a straight-A student in high school, but it took me 6 years to graduate college, because, um, well, ...there were too many parties to go to extracurricular activities in which to participate! But, that's a whole other story...
And to think that all of this time I have blamed my university underachievements on the fact that I attended an all-girls high school. I figured that by the time I reached college it was waaay too difficult to concentrate on my studies with BOYS all around. Then there were the fraternities, sororities, and campus parties. Anywhoo, here goes. See if your school made the ranking, and then you may have a real excuse as to why you did not graduate Magna Cum Laude!

1. University of Florida, Gainesville, Fla.
2. University of Mississippi (Ole Miss), Oxford, Miss.
3. Penn State University, University Park, Pa.
4. West Virginia University, Morgantown, W.Va.
5. Ohio University, Athens, Ohio
6. Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, Va.
7. University of Georgia, Athens, Ga.
8. University of Texas, Austin, Texas.
9. University of California-Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, Calif.
10. Florida State University, Tallahassee, Fla.
11. University of New Hampshire, Durham, N.H.
12. University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa.
13. University of Colorado, Boulder, Co.
14. Indiana University, Bloomington, Ind.
15. Tulane University, New Orleans, La.
16. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, Ill.
17. Arizona State University, Tempe, Ariz.
18. University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tenn.
19. University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala.
20. Loyola University New Orleans, New Orleans, La.


Mindi said...

we went to new orleans ( or as they said, naw-orlayns) back in 2001 and it was beautiful. one of my favorite trips ever!


Petunia said...

LOL! It's a dubious "award"!