Saturday, July 19

In The Pink

Went to a surprise party at GANDER MOUNTAIN last night. Does anyone have one of these monstrosities of a store near them? Well, this is a new store here and I just thought it was a store...that's it. Nope. Evidently the store is so huge that it has to have a restaurant attatched to it because people need nourishment after hours of meandering around the several acres that this store occupies. And oddly enough it also has a private party room. Anywhoo, we arrived early and walked around the store for a few minutes. DH stated that there was nothing he needed, but was very interested in a cute little go-cart type thing that they had propped right in the middle of the floor. Eventually he said that what we really need to get is a golf cart, not a go-cart. I, on the other hand, did not take long to find something to buy. I have been meaning to get one--and here it was in PINK!!

DH said that I didn't need it, that when have I needed pepper spray?? Well, luckily I have never needed it, but I might need to spray a would-be attacker in the face with it someday. He still didn't get it. I'm putting it on my keychain right away.

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lisagh said...

Hey Petunia... just a response to your question about the Bonanno Connies. They are comfy. Not as much as the Emmas or Palm Beach Classics, because there's less holding your foot, but they're great!