Friday, March 6


Wow!! This is a must-see video! I love the song and it is probably the most creative video I have ever seen. Oren Lavie is an Israeli who studied in London , then lived in New York, now living in Los Angeles. He is the singer, songwriter, producer, and choreographer of this video (and yes that is him in the video). Watch it in Full-Screen Mode! There, don't you love it???!  Now I want to buy the CD!

Here he is on Jimmy Kimmel performing live--SO CUTE with the muppet loving on him the whole time!!!  Awwww... :


midnight macaroons said...

That was an awesome video!!! I love the music. I'm going to check out Oren Lavie right now. Thanks for sharing; totally my style of music.

Purple Flowers said...

Both videos were enjoyable, and the song was really good. He has a soft voice that is inviting to the ear. Thanks for sharing.

StylishSuburban said...

I left you something on my blog

Belle in Bloom said...


Thanks so much for your words. They meant so much. Great advice.

Have a great day!

Happy Daily said...

I love it! I have loved this song for so long and now there is a video!!

Have a great day!

kb said...

Check your email, I sent the coupon to you. :)