Monday, March 23

Oh, terrific!

The one piece of jewelry that I can pull off at J Crew is their pretty Butterfly Bauble bracelet above.  I tried it on in my store and loved it.  But, again, not at full price.  Why buy it when you know that eventually it will go on sale?
Well, today The Palm Beach Post decided to publish a Lifestyle cover feature on jewelry.  The Banana Republic and Target pieces that they featured are actually pretty cute!  And what else do they brilliantly decide to feature?  MY BRACELET (that I haven't bought yet).  Fabulous!!  Now there will be no Butterfly bracelets left in Palm Beach county.  Pooh!     ;-)


CashmereLibrarian said...

Yes I have my eye on this too! Preferably at half-off, but we'll see!

Southern Belle said...

You should snatch it up as soon as it goes on sale. It's very pretty!!!

ashley said...

so pretty! i hope it goes on sale too! how is the fit of it?