Thursday, September 18

GG update

Well, it seems that the house is divided over which handbag is best. The hobo received 6 votes and the shoulder satchel received 8 votes, with the remainder simply voting "present" being undecided.
So, .......I went ahead and returned the hobo because if I'm not in love with every aspect of it then I figure it isn't a keeper. The SA assured me that the satchel was being ordered for me and I would have it by the end of this week. THEN I get home yesterday only to hear a message on my answering machine from another SA saying that they are "still trying" to find the bag for me! So here I am with no bag AND no money. It was very weird but they didn't give me a refund slip when I returned the hobo--they just went ahead and charged me for the new bag which was a little bit more. They said the receipt would be with my new bag when I picked it up at the end of this week. Now I feel weird about not having a refund receipt OR a bag. Hmmm...might have to call Mastercard tomorrow and ask them about this.


Anonymous said...

Not sure how I would feel about that either, sounds a little sketchy.

Belle in Bloom said...

I hate it when things like that happen. I'd worry myself to death about it. Call mastercard. Definitely. I do love the shoulder satchel, though. Good choice.
Thanks so much for your sweet comment. It wasn't IKE. We just got a lot of wind from him. It's just life. You know. We'll live. Things are already looking up. Thanks so much!

Kappa Prep said...

So glad you switched, but sorry to hear you did not walk out with the new bag! No fun in that, def call MC!

preppy little dress said...

oh, i was on of the ones who liked the other bag. oh well, you'll have your new back in no time! i wouldn't worry about not receiving a receipt, i think they need it to release the new purse when it comes in! plus, you know who your SA is and if you have dealt w/her before - you should be okay!!