Wednesday, September 3

girls' week part deux

I picked out this arrangement for the hallway and bff gave it her stamp of approval:

Bff said that these coasters HAD TO GO!  I really don't even know how I ever ended up with them in my house.  I guess I'll just have to blame hubby for bad coaster taste:

Bff proclaimed that I MUST purchase these new coasters immediately, if not sooner, and put the others away in a dark cabinet.  Hmmm...I like her taste:

Coffee table shellscape by bff:

Snack today provided by Kilwin's chocolates!  (I chose the dark chocolate covered potato chips.  They are to die for!!) :


lisagh said...

Oooooh! I love the shellscape and the plate it's on is to die for!

Jo said...

The arrangement in the hallway is lovely. Sounds like the two of you are having great fun!

Belle in Bloom said...

Love it all! I've never had dark chocolate covered potato chips?! I must find them. ;)

Happy Daily said...

Oh my goodness, please tell us where you got those coasters! I am also guilty of having some terrible ones, but cute ones like those are hard to come by!

Have a great day!

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

LOVING the arrangement! Actually, I'm loving all your new things. Enjoy! OMG- I love Kilwin's! :)

Muffy said...

Everything is just FABULOUS!

preppy little dress said...

everything looks great, i agree the coasters had to go! good - blame it on your hubby, too funny!

Belle said...

BFF has excellent taste...I need her to come take a walk through my house!