Tuesday, September 16

i wuv you this much

Awwwww...isn't this the cutest?  It was sent to me by Preppy Little Dress!  Well, right back atcha PLD!!  There are quite a few blogs that I love to read, so I'm just gonna give this award to ALL of those in my Blogroll because I just can't choose!  I love you all!
Geez--too bad we don't get this much love and recognition in our JOBS!!  At least I don't.  Do you??  
I told hubby today that I could make blogging a full-time job and all I got was the eye-roll!  :-)


preppy little dress said...

yea, wouldn't that be great - blogging for a living! ha! ha!

thanks for sending the award back to me! too sweet!!!

Belle said...

I told my husband the same thing and got the SAME response!

Darrin said...

Well.. you're too kind! BTW.. Have you seen that Coco Chanel movie yet? Good stuff!!