Wednesday, August 6

blast from the past

A few weeks ago when my niece and sister were visiting we watched Pretty In Pink, which I had just bought thinking that it may be something Lil Petunia would like. Well, all four of us enjoyed the movie so much! My teenage niece kept asking throughout the movie--"Did you all really dress like that back then??" to the point that we were laughing so hard we were in tears.

The Psychedelic Furs performed the title song "Pretty In Pink" and my sister actually hung out with the band back in the 80's when they would visit New Orleans. Every time they would come to town, they would call my sister and her friends and ask them to please cook for them (Gumbo, Jambalaya, Red beans & rice)! My sister & her friends would go pick up the band at their hotel and bring them back to her friend's parents' house where The Furs would have such a great time eating, drinking, and laying around on the sofas, that one time they were in big trouble with their manager for showing up 2 hours late for a show!
Just that evening I had been telling my niece that her mom had had quite the social life back in the day, and my niece did not believe it.
After hearing this story, my niece said "MOM! What else do I not know about you??" hee hee

Anywhoo, I just pre-ordered these 2 on Amazon. Can't wait to watch them again, too!


Mindi said...

ahhhhh, two of my FAVS--you know how i feel about these movies!!

how cool is your sister for getting to do that! she is like a rock star to me--i had a friend who was OBSESSED with the furs.

PS just got your email--wrote you back. SO SORRY!!!

Becs said...

I love all the John Hughes movies! How fun that you all watched them together! Great story about your sister! Becs

Muffy said...

AHH, the 80s!

Jo said...

I have such fond memories of the
80's !

Petunia said...

Hi Emily! I have to check out that show. ABC family?? I'm going to look for it because I LOVE Molly Ringwald! Thanks for visiting my blog!