Thursday, August 14

diamonds are a girl's best friend

I had an appointment at the Apple store today for my first one-to-one lesson. There are so many cool things you can do with this computer that we barely scratched the surface in an hour. Sooooo, since we were at the mall, we had lunch and did a little looking around. While we were browsing in J Crew, Lil Petunia pointed to the lovely wall of argyle wellie socks and said "Mommy, Look! You love those!" She was right!
From left to right they are heather/navy, navy/azalea, & chocolate/soft blush. AND 20% off when you buy 3 pairs.

Lil P has been very good this summer, so she got a special treat. A trip to Build-A-Bear workshop--probably her favorite store ever.

She chose the cutest dog appropriately named "Scruffles":


lisagh said...

So happy to hear you're loving the Mac. They really are incredible computers, aren't they?

Belle said...

Both of my kids have Macs and I want one in the WORST way!

Becs said...

HI P, Glad you are loving your Mac, Rock Star Hubby is a total Mac man, once you go Mac, you never go back. Our only babies would get along well, The Boy loves Build a Bear as well and always names his animals cute names like Scruffles ~ too cute, Lil' Petunia sounds very creative and thoughtful. xoox, B

Belle in Bloom said...

Love the socks AND Scruffles! Too cute!