Saturday, August 2

let's go shopping

It was a gorgeous day today--perfect for shopping outside in Palm Beach. I love that beautiful blue sky and the lovely Royal palms. Meanwhile, backseat driver Lil Petunia is yelling at me for taking pictures while driving!

The beautiful Royal Palm Way:

one block from the ocean:

driving down Worth Avenue:

I can always find a parking spot here:

How about a strip-tease?

Is it bigger than a breadbox? No!

It's a Camellia ring. It reminded me of vintage Chanel costume jewelry that I have seen, and it was love at first sight.


Becs said...

Yikes, you were a bad girl!!
The ring is BEAUTIFUL!! It does look vintage, you have gorgeous taste my dear. Cute strip tease by the way. Enjoy your ring, you deserve it!
oxox, Becs

ATC said...

Very classy!

Petunia said...

Thank you Becs & atc. Thanks for stopping by!
atc--do you have a blog? Just curious! :-)

Muffy said...

Loooove this ring! Adding you to my blogroll!

Becs said...

HI Petunia - Check out Preppy Mama's website, I have a link on my blog. She is doing a Fall swap. If you want to play leave a comment on her blog! I am so happy (jealous) of your ring! You have beautiful taste, oxox, Becs

Mindi said...

chanel doesn't let me park in front of their store--i have WAY too many kids in my car!!

gorgeous ring