Sunday, August 3

opinions needed please

I'd love the opinions of those of you who use a laptop. I'm shopping for a new computer, and really like the portability of a laptop. Now, the hard part...which brand is the best for the money?
I've heard a lot of hype about the Apple MacBook above. But, it costs almost double the amount of Dell, Gateway, and HP notebooks of similar size and memory. Is it really worth the investment? Is it easier, faster, and really immune to viruses (...what they told us at the Apple store today)?
Also, how important is size?? (...get your mind out of the gutter!)
I mean the size of the LCD screen. The MacBook only has a 13" screen. I kinda liked the 17" screen on the MacPro, but I don't need all of those extra bells & whistles AND don't need to spend $2799 for a notebook!

Which computer do you use and how do you like it?

Here we are sitting outside the Apple store waiting for Lil Petunia to finish her bag of chocolate. (She had so much chocolate in her mouth that she could hardly smile for the camera. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree...):
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Preppy Mama said...

I LOVE my Macbook! I have the 13" and it is big enough for me. We are Mac people and they are totally worth the money! Good Luck! Thanks for stopping by! Come back and sign up for a swap and make some new friends!!

Preppy Debutante said...

Hi Petunia,
I have used a Mac my whole life and have the Mac Book Pro. I used to host a tech segment for NBC and would recommend Mac a lot-too bad I didn't get any freebies for the referrals!! The best part is that you can also build blogs & websites through iweb on it too. I think you would love it. I built a website using my Macbook Pro: after one lesson from a Mac expert. I think you will LOVE a Macbook. :)

Petunia said...

Oh, thanks! I'm leaning towards getting the MacBook!!

Becs said...

HI Petunia - I mac is the way to go! That is all my husband uses for his business, and I used the ibook for so long. They are 1000% immune to viruses, and so so so nice. I got an inexpensive dell, for myself and our son to use. However you could get a dell and have "spells and enchantments" major security, firewall, etc up on it to protect you from viruses, etc. If you can, I would recommend the Mac Book! It will take a bit of time to learn but it is so worth it! xoox, Becs

lisagh said...

I have an iMac desktop and an iBook G4. At work I use a G5 Mac Tower. Would NEVER even consider a PC. Although they're not "1000% immune to viruses" (I've had 1 virus in 11 years of using a Mac of some sort or other), they are absolutely superior.