Tuesday, August 19

Secret Confessions...

No, I do not have a tattoo. I will never have one, either. I get tired of carrying the same handbags after a while, and usually end up selling them or giving them away. I definitely get tired of wearing the same clothing all of the time, and like to see the new collections every season. I've even gotten tired of my hair color, and have been know to change that up as well.

I do not want to get any permanent adornment that I cannot get rid of at a moment's notice. But, lots of people obviously don't have a problem with them -- tattoos. I think it is one of those words on my list -- trendy.

I know that many people have them due to my line of work. I see naked people ALL the time. OK, now I've got your attention, don't I?! I am an RNFA . I assist surgeons in the operating room with many types of surgery. So, we kinda have to remove the clothing beforehand, and we are very discretionary about it, believe me. When you do this every day it is not a big deal to see a person's body parts, and we only uncover the area that we need to work on. But, we do find a lot of surprises. Tattoos on lots of people. A lot of funny ones, cute ones, spiders and tweety bird and flowers and hearts...

So, do you have one? What does it depict, and what does it mean to you? Do you regret getting it?
You can leave me an anonymous comment if it is a secret! Do tell!!!

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Muffy said...

I don't have a tattoo and I've never been interested in getting them. Unless it was a pink and green Lilly logo, I think I would get tired of it! HAHAHAHA! I don't judge people who do, though (atleast not to their face- HAH!)


Becs said...

Sorry P, no tat on me. I am to old fashioned that way, but whatever works for someone else ... more power to them. Live and let live. I would like to know some of the ones you have seen that were unusual or in unusual places! Can you dish? Becs

Mindi said...

no tattoos, either, although i always thought i would have one. but the thought of something so SUPER PERMANENT was a little frightening.
plus the fact that my mom would have KILLED ME stopped me cold.

love that you see them all the time--how interesting!! i would find that so fascinating!

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Unfortunately, I have one! I got it in college (circa 1989-I'm OLD) and was going through a Carre Otis phase I guess. Everyone looked the same and I wanted to be different, edgy perhaps. Back in those days... it was kinda edgy unlike today. Well, turns out... I'm SO not edgy and for the last 4 years, I've been going to laser treatments to have it removed while covering it up with heavy duty concealer and round band-aids (it's on my inner ankle, the size of a dime and is the Lancome rose-don't ask me why, I liked the rose a the time). I HATE it, liked it for about 10 minutes. Tattoos suit different people but not me... Hopefully by the New Year, I too will be tattoo free! YAY!

Jo said...

None on me ~ I try very hard not to self inflict pain whenever possible.
It is very trendy, as you put it, in the Navy community. They have them in all sizes, shapes and designs.
I often wonder if people tire of the ones that are the full length of their arms or legs.

Belle said...

Nope...I'm just like you. Not interested...no judgement...just not interested (and I'd be SO upset with my children but they're so much like me that I don't think (and DO hope and pray) that they won't get one either.

Happy Daily said...

Hello! No tats for me; I hate needles and I'm indecisive on top of that!

I love your blog! My parents live in Jupiter and that is where I was married. You do live in paradise!

Have a great day!

Pretty in Pink said...

I have none. I am glad with my decision to not get any because I know several people that have spent a lot of money trying to get them removed.

Thanks for all of your sweet comments :)

Dorothy,the small and meek, said...

Read 'Beautiful' at the site below for an interesting tat story. (The quotes in the story didn't post correctly so don't be distracted by the typos.)



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