Thursday, August 7

go a little wild

Just love this handbag from Ballard Designs! I like a little leopard with my preppy! The face is hand needle-pointed, the handle is made of genuine bamboo, and the apple green velvet is so pretty.
I think that I kinda have a soft spot for leopard (no pun intended). I looked around the house and well, most of my decor is neutral and light with a splash of my favorite color aqua blue thrown in. But, I was able to find quite a few leopard prints all around the house. I like to see it here and there. Just in case you are starting to doubt my impeccable taste, you must know that I absolutely draw the line at leopard print clothing. I am not Peggy Bundy -- tee hee.

Well, does my favorite robe count as clothing?? (No!!):

And shoes don't count:

My favorite kitchen sink rug:

Another rug:

A cutie little lavender-scented pillow:

Why, you ask, did I include a picture of Bear? Oh, he was just sitting there wondering why no one ever takes his picture, so I included him, too! ;-)

Have a grrreat day!


Susie Harris said...

I adore Ballard. I must say it's one of my favorites.... Love your bag too!

Mindi said...

amen to ballard--i just got some fun bikes for my downstairs wall (actually putting them on my blog tomorrow) and i've never been dissappointed in anything i've ordered from them.

the Albino Bowler said...

I see that you have found the kangaroo rodeo and I'm pleased that you've been chiming in. For this experiment, feedback and interaction with curious and insightful writers is crucial. I'm creating a traveler's tale in a virtual environment about subject matter that is completely new for me. I just posted some incredible live footage and I'm about to pick up where I left off with Chef Scary. I hope and expect to hear from you again very soon...

Becs said...

Show your spots Girl, I love the picture of Bear! Pretty purse and rugs, love the shoes as well! You have great taste! xoxo, Becs

Jo said...

Hmmm... I might need one of those bags ~ love all the prints. I agree, the cute teddy bears always get left out.

Domestic Diva said...

I so have that purse! I get so many compliments..they freak when I tell the price. DIRT Cheap for such a fabulous purse!