Friday, August 1

...this just in...

Just in case anyone besides myself is waiting (im)patiently for their Sunfest Sale Bonanno's to arrive, well, I did my preppy blogger's duty and drove all the way there today. Well, actually I had to drive up for another reason, but while I was in the area I stopped by the store.
Vivian told me that TONIGHT (just my luck) they are expecting 200 pairs to arrive from the factory. Then the sandals will be promptly shipped out, or (in my case) the customer will be called for pick-up. Arrrrrgh! I think I will be making a little phone call to a friend who lives up there and ask her to please please pick them up for me.

Oh, and I also checked out what they had on clearance as advertised on the website. Unfortunately many many preppy gals must have arrived before I, because the pickins were slim. There were no Palm Beach sandals in ANY color combo in the size 7 to 8 bin. Oh, there was one "FSU" monogrammed Emma if anyone is a Seminole... hee hee!

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Monogram Momma said...

Hi Petunia,
Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I checked for your email address but couldn't find one. shoot me and email if you've got a minute? Thanks!

Becs said...

HI Petunia, thanks for the info about
Bonannos! Hope you had a fun Saturday!! Becs

Petunia said...

It sounds like a lot of ladies that I've talked to are still waiting for their sandals. Honestly, next time I would rather pay full price with free shipping than wait 13+ weeks just to get $20 off!
But, then again, even my full-price pair took SEVEN WEEKS to arrive.

Monogram Momma said...

Nothing is worth waiting this long for, especially when you don't even get an apology for it and there are other equally nice products out there.

And yes, there are A LOT of unhappy ladies out there, not just us!